Coming from the classic computing era that meaningfully employed me for three decades, now, I am curious to learn the spooky, mysterious nature of Quantum Computing. 
For the past two years, as a hobby, I have read many quantum physics, quantum computing books, have watched many lectures from the involved scientists, trying to learn more, and make sense of this phoenomene/phenomenon extraordinary occurrence. It's as if I am watching Star Trek show all over again, experiencing the Star Trek's hollow deck all over again. 
Although I am still struggling with the concept of Entanglement and Superposition or the Quantum Interference, I am no longer intimidated by the nature of Quantum computations - that's a positive step for me.
I am studying Google, D-Wave, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, IONQ, Quantum Circuits, and a few more from around the globe. Every one of these companies and groups approaching the quantum computation concept a bit differently.
The D-Wave system designed based on the Quantum Annealing approach. Google, IBM trying to build a gate-based quantum computer, each with a different approach. The Microsoft system designed based on Topological design. 
Meanwhile, exploring different stacks of software around these technologies, be ready for the big paradigm shift in computer industry.
We still need classical computers to communicate with the Quantum machine, likely in the CLOUD for the near future. Currently, most of these companies offer software development kits available with Quantum Simulation on the CLOUDs. Microsft quantum CLOUD provides up to 50 Quibit simulations of models and computation capabilities.
Estimated that a 100 Qubit Quantum platform can change humanity, solving intractable problems beyond the computation power of current classical supercomputers. That's exciting.
My goal is to be a tiny part of the new computer revolution and perhaps make a difference.